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Belkin WeMo Switch and Motion Sensor

belkin motion wemo Belkin-Wemo-Switch-Motion-2-56250_x

After owning two other Belkin WeMo Home Automation devices, this is my favorite.  Have you ever walked into a dark house?  Now with the motion sensor and switch, it turns on the light!  I love it!  You can plug anything to it!  You can program it to notify you as well.  Let’s say your kids walk in the front door and it will notify you that the motion sensor was triggered as well as turn on the light.  You can also put it on a schedule.  I have mine turn off the light after 15 minutes from being turned on so it’s not on all day.  You can always turn back on with your phone if you want.  Another nice option is creating a IFTTT account that will allow you use it too it’s fullest potential.  with this app you can set certain triggers to happen.  Perhaps a reminder to tell you to clean the litter box when you get home.  Take out the trash reminder as you walk out the door.  The possibilities are endless.  The app works on both the iPhone and Android.  These run around $75.00 but includes the motion sensor and the switch.  There is no fee for the service.  Just buy the device!  Keep it coming Belkin! 🙂


Belkin WeMo Light Switch


After falling in love with the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch, I had to see what else they had. I wanted to be able to control my light switch on my front porch.  With the Belkin WeMo Light switch, I found it could do just that and a lot more.   There is nothing worse then coming home to a dark porch and you can’t find your keys or see anything.  With a push of a button on your phone, you can turn on your porch light!  It also has a scheduling option such as sunrise and sunset.  I swapped out my regular bulb for an LED bulb and have no worries keeping it on at night.  They even make a bug LED light bulb and now no more bugs flying around. 🙂  I also love using it when I hear something near the door and can turn it on for security.  Away at vacation or off to work and forgot to turn your porch light off?  This takes care of that.  A very worthwhile investment.  These usually run around $49.99 but a steal since you don’t have a monthly fee.   If you buy multiple switches, it allows you to label them and you can turn on whatever light you want.  The App is available for both iPhone and Android.  Questions?

Belkin Wemo Insight Switch


This was the first Home Automation device I purchased.  I instantly fell in love with it.  There has been so many uses that I have found.  How many times have you wanted to turn on a light in a room but the switch is on the other side and you are surrounded by darkness?  Grab your phone and push the button.  You can plug anything into this device(Lamp, Fan, Crock-pot, TV, etc.)  It still leaves enough room for the second plug to be used.  It even tracks your energy usage for whatever you have plugged in!


It runs around $59.00 dollars but there is no monthly fee.  Another nice feature is that you can even set schedules for it.  Let’s say you get home around 9pm at night and don’t want to come home to a dark house.  It also works great for when you are out of town and you want people to think you are home.  Another favorite I love and you parents will as well.  How many kids want the light left on?  You just settle down for bed and hear…Dad!  Dad!  You forgot to turn the light on!  Now you can just grab your phone and push the button!  Don’t forget to use the timer so it doesn’t stay on all night. 🙂  It works on both iPhone and Android. A must have device! 🙂