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Updates to come!!

Sorry I have neglected this site for so long.  I will try and get some new material on here as soon as I can.  Thanks for stopping by!  I am going to review some items I own first to give an honest long term ownership experience.

Sprint Service/WIMAX



Nexus S 4G

LG 47LW5600

Logitech Revue  Google TV


Acer Iconia 500 Tablet

Sceptre X20WG-1080P 20.1″ 5ms(GTG) Monitor


I really love the widescreen.  It is awesome for watching football games(using slingbox) and checking out my fantasy points on the other half.  I also like the fact that the viewing angle is pretty decent too.  The screen is adjustable too.  I have to buy a DVI cable to be really fair on the overall picture quality.  Check back later for the results.


The 20.1″ Sceptre X20WG-1080P Monitor has been a big disappointment for me.  The built speakers have a constant hum or buzz the entire time you have them on.  I finally unplugged them and went back to my old pair of speakers.  Problem solved.  The control buttons are on the bottom of the screen and very difficult to use or see.  It is just a luck and guessing game.  So far I have only used it with the VGA cable and am not very impressed with the overall quality.  I just purchased the DVI adapter and hardly noticed any difference…. 🙁

GadgetToGet: For an average picture…I would say yes…I honestly think there are better deals out ther but they may cost a few dollars more..