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Updates to come!!

Sorry I have neglected this site for so long.  I will try and get some new material on here as soon as I can.  Thanks for stopping by!  I am going to review some items I own first to give an honest long term ownership experience.

Sprint Service/WIMAX



Nexus S 4G

LG 47LW5600

Logitech Revue  Google TV


Acer Iconia 500 Tablet

PrimeSense = Microsoft Project Natal????


Is it just me or does this nearly duplicate Microsoft’s Project Natal???  It is pretty cool technology that won’t need an Xbox….  You simply have to love how fast technology is moving… 🙂


Verizon Wooed Skype


Call anywhere to anyone in the world for free!(With Verizon Wireless Phone and Data Service along with a Free Skyp App).  You can send unlimited messages too…Even have multiple conversations at once.  Check out the video for more details. 🙂

Samsung now has Skype on new LED HDTVs

Panasonic and LG won’t be the only ones with Skype-enabled HDTVs, though we peeped it in the specs earlier, Samsung has officially announced its new 7000 and 8000 series televisions will also include access. Accessible through the embedded Samsung Apps service, it appears it will work with the new HD video processing webcams just like the others, so users can log in to or create an account with the remote then make video or voice calls away from the PC. We heard at CES those cameras could run as high as $200, check out the CES 2010 demo from Panasonic to see if couch videoconferencing is worth the additional expense.

Source: Engadget

The GE Dect 6.0 Skype Internet Phone by Mike


The GE Dect 6.0 Skype Internet Phone

This device is used to make regular and skype phone calls. It can make free phone calls to anyone around the world who also has skype. It will ring like a regular phone does when someone on skype calls you too.


One thing I really like about this phone is it’s very small and easy to carry around. It reminds me of the older nokia cell phones. I like the fact that It works as a regular phone and a skype phone. It will automatically store your skype contacts so you will know who is calling or whom you may want to call. You can customize the ringers and themes on it so you will know if it is a skype phone or a regular phone call. I know you will be excited to know that it comes with two games. I am not sure why you would want to play games on a cordless phone unless you were sitting around waiting for someone to call. The range is very good and you can go all the way out to the front yard without getting any static. The battery life is pretty descent too. It easily charges in a cradle like normal cordless phones do too. I never had a problem hearing anyone talk or have any complaints from them about hearing me either.


The phone earpiece is uncomfortable to talk on for a long time. I wish they would have made it softer and indented. I have lost my connection many times but think it is skype and not the phone. You must always have your computer and skype on in order for this phone to work. That is about all I can complain about it. What can I say…It is a phone.


I would have to say this is definitely a Gadget To Get. It makes it nice and easy to keep in touch with relatives,penpals and friends. It also allows you to be free from being attached to a computer using a headset. I picked mine up for $80.00 but feel it is worth it since you can use it as a regular phone too. You can’t call international landlines for free but it is very cheap compared to normal international calls. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. Thanks!